Project Features


Perhaps the most significant “green” feature is Marea Village’s mixed-use, pedestrian-centered design that will support walking and reduce car trips by providing retail services within close proximity to housing. When completed, Marea Village will achieve an energy efficiency comparable to LEED Silver under the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) rating system.

Additionally, Marea Village will include:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Solar heating and solar daylighting
  • Enhanced building insulation
  • Energy Star rated appliances, and low flow water fixtures
  • Clean energy from rooftop solar panels will power electric vehicle charging stations and interior appliances
  • Ride-sharing and bicycles are integral to the design


Marea Village will feature 96 for rent apartment units, which include 20 units dedicated to low income qualifying residents. Housing styles will range from studio units, to one- and two-bedroom apartments all within a walkable mixed-use community..


Featuring a space for residents and visitors, Marea Village will be a place for community connections and a place to call home. Project amenities will also include:

18,262 Square Feet of Commercial Space
18,262 SF of commercial uses including retail, restaurants and office space
Dog Run
Pet-friendly spaces, including a dog run
Communal Fire Pits
Communal fire and BBQ pits will be available
Fitness Center and Lounge
A recreation center and lounge will be offered
Drought-Tolerant Landscaping
Our drought-tolerant and native landscaping will be eco-friendly
Open Community Spaces
Walking paseos and community plazas
33,900 Square Feet of Open Space
33,900 SF of open space throughout the site
Close to Bike Paths and Public Transportation
Marea will be accessible by nearby bike paths and public transportation
30 Resort Villas
Thirty resort villas will be included on-site as part of an expansion of the Alila Marea Beach Resort.
Parking Garage
257 subterranean parking spaces
Supporting Our Local Artists
Gallery and studio space to support local artists