Marea Village FAQ

Learn more about our exciting vision for the Marea Village. If you have questions you don’t see answered here, please feel free to contact us via our homepage!

The Project

  • Marea Village designs a thriving “Live-Work-Play” community environment that creates new opportunities for much needed housing and a way to connect and support the local community. The project will consist of single, two and three-story buildings in an eclectic mix that is meant to maintain the character and feel of the Leucadia community and lifestyle. Marea Village will also include a 257 stall, subterranean parking garage, a walking paseo, pedestrian plaza and outdoor seating areas, making this an accessible community for residents, visitors and neighbors, located in the City of Encinitas.
  • Fenway Capital Advisors is processing a Design Review Permit and Coastal Development Permit to allow for the development of approximately 110,000 square feet of buildings in a mixed-use project to be known as “Marea Village.”  It is located on a 3.79-acre site, and will consist of 94 rental apartment units, 30 additional hotel rooms that will be part of, and  connected to the adjacent Alila Marea Beach Resort, as well as approximately 18,262 square feet of commercial uses in addition to an abundance of public amenity space.
  • Marea Village will consist of 94 for-rent apartment units. 20 units will be affordable and reserved for lower income qualifying residents. The units provide a mix of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units ranging in size from 645 SF – 1,000 SF with  a couple of units up to 1,223 SF.
  • Yes, there will be a 257 stall, subterranean parking garage that will be in compliance with the City’s requirements for resident and visitor parking as well as all commercial uses proposed onsite.
  • The buildings will a combination of 1, 2 and 3 stories throughout the project.  All height restrictions will be adhered to. To put the height in perspective…the rooftops at the top of the Marea Village project will be approximately the same height as the rooftops of the Seabluffe Community rooftops directly to the West of our project.
  • In addition to the hotel and apartments, there will be approximately 18,262 square feet of commercial uses including retail, restaurants and office space. We envision a mix of local businesses that will cater to residents and the community at large.  Additionally, we are setting aside gallery and studio space to support local artists.
  •  It is very unlikely that any of the residents to the West will hear noise from the retail uses, as the Marea Village apartments in addition to heavy landscape will act as a buffer between the retail and the housing. The retail uses are located closest to Coast Highway, while the Apartments are located at the top of the project, closest to the Seabluffe Community residences. Additionally, we also want to provide a nice quiet environment for our apartment renters as well.
  • Marea Village will:

    • Provide 94 apartment units to the local housing supply in addition to onsite co-working office space for use by the residents
    • Provide an opportunity to be the only new affordable housing West of Coast Highway 101 thus allowing apartment renters the opportunity to live in that location
    • Provide for 20 low-income families to live West of Highway 101
    • Provide for family-friendly hotel stays with “Villa” style accommodations with kitchenettes meant for family visits
    • Provide multiple new public amenities including outdoor seating, restaurants, retail, and artist studios
    • Contribute a significant transient occupancy tax (30 hotel rooms) each year to the City of Encinitas budget
    • Approximately $1.6 million in up-front fees including traffic mitigation fees, school fees, park development fees, trail development fees, open space land acquisition fees, and fire mitigation fees in addition to the tax generating commercial spaces
    • Fair share costs of street and intersection improvements intended to alleviate traffic

  • The Design Review Permit is required in order to ensure project consistency with design review guidelines established by the City of Encinitas. The Coastal Development Permit is also required given the project’s location within the Coastal Zone.
  • The Alila Marea Beach Resort is the “sister” project to the Marea Village. The hotel rooms will be in the form of “villas” for the resort and will include kitchenettes in an environment that will potentially cater to families with young children, and those wishing to have their own appliances during longer term stays. The retail uses will be an opportunity for guests to explore some of the local flavor in the form of the art studios and fine cuisine of the area.  

    For more information related to the resort, please refer to their website: https://www.alilahotels.com/marea-beach-resort-encinitas

The Environment

  • Absolute transparency is critical to us at Fenway Capital Advisors so we will be going through the City of Encinitas’ CEQA process. We will initiate and complete a thorough and open CEQA review process that will include public participation throughout the process.
  • 33,900 SF (.78 AC) has been set aside as common open space for tenants.  There is an additional 3,400 SF of private open space provided in balconies and patios. Additionally, the project will be contributing approximately $27,000 to the City of Encinitas for Open Space Land Acquisition.
  • The landscape will consist primarily of a variety of California Native and low water plant material. The material will receive supplemental water through an electronically operated, automatic, low-flow irrigation system utilizing drip emitters and MP rotators.
  • In developing the Alila Marea Beach Resort, Fenway has built a wonderful pedestrian path that begins just North of the Resort (about 100 yards from the apartment units) and continues aside the State Park parking lot directly to the beach.
  • This right-sized project will enhance the Leucadia community and diversify the City’s housing landscape. We have committed to NOT build to the maximum density. By choosing innovative and quality architecture that Leucadia deserves, which includes 95% of the parking underground, we have chosen a financial path that does not allow for reduction.